Flying Companion Course

Flying Companion Course

Have you or your flying companion ever wanted to be more than just a passenger?  Or maybe you want them to simply enjoy flying with you more?  Fly There’s Flying Companion course is designed for non pilots who wish to become more comfortable, helpful, and situationally aware when sitting in the right seat.

In addition to receiving basic ground instruction, participants will take flight in our Redbird Full Motion Flight Simulator, giving them a stress-free opportunity to take the controls, perform basic maneuvers,  and even LAND the airplane, all in a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

  • Becoming an effective flying companion
  • Basic understanding of aerodynamics
  • Handling the airplane
  • Talking on the radios
  • Handling emergencies

This course is scheduled to meet from 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. on TBD (simulator sessions will be schedule at the end of the course for a different day)

The cost for the 3 hour ground school and 2 hours of simulator flight time, (a $475 value) is only $329.  That’s a savings of over 30%!  If you have a flying companion who is interested in taking a more active roll, or would like to request additional information, please contact us for more details.