Redbird FMX Flight Simulator in Chicago, IL

Redbird FMX Flight Simulator has revolutionized simulated training for general aviation with its advanced FMX model simulator.  The Redbird FMX is an FAA-approved, full-motion simulator that features a fully enclosed cockpit providing greater than 200° wrap-around visuals, aircraft quality switches, rudder pedals and power quadrants — all designed to perform like the real thing.  This full-motion simulator can be used to duplicate the experience of flying when the real weather outside is bad, as well as teach emergency procedures that cannot be taught in the plane.  Our Redbird FMX Simulator has multiple aircraft configurations to simulate single and multi-engine aircraft with traditional instrument panels, as well as the glass cockpit Cirrus SR22 with Avidyne configuration and Cessna 172 with G1000 GFC700 configuration.

Learning How to Fly in a Flight Simulator

For Takeoff

With the Redbird, our students spend less time on pre-flight, waiting for takeoff, and getting to the practice area.  The simulator allows the student pilot to quickly set-up, execute and recover from those maneuvers that need work.  What’s more, all maneuvers can be quickly and easily repeated.

On Approach

It’s easier to stay proficient than it is to get current

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the pilot who, a couple of times a year, goes to an airport and flies 6 ILS approaches to the same runway and one hold to get current.  Don’t let that be you.  QUALITY BEATS QUANTITY.

When was the last time you:

  • Landed from an approach to minimums?
  • Executed a circling approach?
  • Experienced a partial panel approach?
  • Flew a single engine approach?

With our Full Motion Simulator, Fly There is able to:

  • Demonstrate a Full Range of Training Scenarios
  • Help Perfect Procedures and Flows
  • Introduce Various Maneuvers
  • Provide G1000 and Avidyne Transition Training

In addition you will be able to:

  • Maintain Year-Round Currency
  • Practice Destination Approaches
  • Feel Ready and Prepared for Emergencies
  • See Considerable Cost Savings

Log up to:

  • 2.5 Hours towards your Private
  • 20 hours towards your Instrument
  • 50 hours towards your Commercial

Earn Your Flight Certification in Chicago, IL

There is no cheaper alternative to earn your certificates than incorporating simulator training in all of your ratings.  Use the Redbird to practice tricky VFR maneuvers.  When you complete an instrument approach, relocate to a position that allows you to start another one within seconds.  Pause for clarification.  Keep moving forward with your training no matter what the weather is outside.

Call or contact Fly There in Chicago, IL and learn more about saving time and money with our Redbird Flight Simulator.